January 30, 2023

RHOJ star Christall Kay is broke and homeless

Christall Kay is embroiled in a legal battle over her mansion

A deal that has gone wrong has cost reality TV star Christall Kay of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg her luxurious lifestyle and is currently looking for any gig to make ends meet.



Kay sold the house to business woman Kim Bubu who put down a R5m deposit and moved in August 2020. Kay told ZiMojat hat Bubu was supposed to furnish guarantees for the last R3m and to pay after8 months but no payment was made. "I gave her notice of cancellation in terms of the contract when no payment was forthcoming. She had already been given a 3-monthextension. She didn't pay an instalment and tried to pay the last amounts through a bond. But this was a cash agreement; it was never a bond agreement,' Kay says. Kay's mansion was listed on Property24 in 2017 selling for R18.5 million. It features five bedrooms, six bathrooms and features underfloor heating.



According to Kay, Bubu made an application to the High Court to have the sale cancellation declared invalid, but the court ruled in Kay's favour with costs on an attorney client scale. "Just when I thought I was home free, she noted an appeal which has prevented me further from occupying my home or selling it. All this time my funds have been running dry,' she said. Even though Kay is entitled as a landowner to enter her property, she says Bubu refuses to give her access to her home, forcing her to continue renting. "She is under the illusion that she owns my house. The eviction application was delayed due to objections that were dismissed by the magistrate, and is now to be heard in March," Kay adds. 




Kay who is not returning for the new season of RHOJ has not had a home for more than 18 months. "The cost of paying for alternative accommodation as well as still having to pay for the bond costs, rates and levies on my own property have forced me into a stressful financial position. At the moment, the matters are worsened by not having a steady income and still supporting my nine-year-old son. "The law definitely favours the illegal occupier as can be seen from my case. I am suffering severe financial losses while she doesn't pay a cent to be in my house," an irritated Christal told ZiMoja. She still has hopes that she will win her appeal and move back to her double storey mansion where she is neighbours with high profile celebrities.



A lawyer, reality show star and afro pop singer says she is now desperate for a job. She says she is on the verge of bankruptcy; her bills have been piling up and she can't manage on top of everything she has not worked as a lawyer in a while. "I' m really desperate for a gig at this point I can take anything, if there is anyone out there with a gig for me, I would be happy to take it,' she adds.



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