July 11, 2024

Maskandi singer Mthandeni Manqele pulls out of maskandi event

Mthandeni Manqele has pulled out of an event

Maskandi singer Mthandeni "Igcokama Elisha" Manqele has withdrawn from the Badedele Maskandi Music Festival. The festival, which features only maskandi artists, takes place annually at the Newtown Precinct Park in Johannesburg. The festival will take place this Saturday.



Mthandeni made the announcement over the weekend that he would not be performing at the event because the organisers did not book his homeboy and fellow Maskandi singer, Mphile "Sminofu" Gumede. The Paris hitmaker said that the event organiser and singer Lindokuhle "Intaba YaseDubai" Msomi was not organised. "I have taken a decision not to attend the Badedele Maskandi Festival. The event organiser is full of nonsense. One of the reasons why I'm not attending that event is that they didn't book Sminofu for that event. That alone does not sit well with me. I know Maskandi event organisers are biased when it comes to me. Any artists affiliated with me are being sidelined at many events and I don't know why they keep doing this. So, I am here pleading with my supporters not to attend this nonsensical event," he wrote.




When Mthandeni and Sminofu were called for comments, the two artists were together and made a joint statement. "We are brothers and we are currently doing very well, but event organisers are sidelining us just because we know our value. We don't come cheap; we know our worth and our brands bring money. If you are not keen on paying us what we are worth, then they must forget about us," they said. When event organiser Intaba yaseDubai was contacted for comment, he said he would never succumb to pressure from an artist who thinks he's better than others who are booked to perform on the day. "Mthandeni thinks that he is special and wants to be treated differently than other artists. I won't do that. Even last year, he wanted to be treated special. This is not the first time he's done this," he said.

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