February 25, 2023

Reality star stands by her man despite criticism by public

Nonku says she stands by her man and doesn't care who says what

Nonku Williams is a household name ever since joining The Housewives of Durban and her brand has grown bigger. Hardly two weeks after she officially introduced her new man, few women have come out accusing Dumisani Ndlazi of being a player and swindler.


She has a strong message for her haters who continue to criticise her man and says she is not going to leave her man because of people's opinions. Nonku says her relationship has nothing to do with the public. "I am aware of the fact that I am famous but that does not mean I am going to live and plan my life around people's opinions,' she says adding that,"There is nothing I don't know about my man. I don't know what gives people the impression that I am dumb. I might be in love but not stupid,' she says. She adds that whatever dirt has come out about him, she already knew. "People do not know the dynamic of our relationship to have an opinion about my personal love life. I am not going leave my man because of what people are saying about us on social media. People can either keep their opinion to themselves or shove it where the sun does not shine,' she adds. Despite engagement rumours, she wont divulge much except that, "All  I can say is that I am happy and enjoying the moment and loving my life. I do have a diamond ring that I wear every now and then but does that mean I am engaged," she says


Nonku's new man caused  a stir on social media after he was labelled a swindler and more damning accusations came to light about his past. Some people do not approve of her man as they claim to know him personally and others claim to know his shenanigans. The internet broke when a lady named Cece Jones came forward to reveal that she has been with Nonku's man. The woman in question claimed to share the same bed as Nonku's man and shared receipts, video calls to backup her claims. Another social media user claimed that the man in question is from their hometown in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, and labelled him, "the biggest scam'. More people came forward also accusing Nonku's man of luring young girls.
Following his debut on the current  season of the reality show, Dumisani Ndlazi  has been followed by enough drama to make him a topic of discussion. He was even trending on Twitter as the new South African Tinder Swindler and most people are under the impression that he is just after Nonku's cash and fame. But Nonku could care less.

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