December 05, 2022

More pitbulls owners surrender the breed

More and more people are calling for the ban of pitbulls

The terror of pitbulls continues to reign but the National Council of Societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals (NSPCA) says the ban of pitbulls is unacceptable because dogs can be trained to be sociable.The latest pitbull incident is that of a 33-year-old man from Rustenburg who was mauled to death by two pitbulls whilst chilling at a tavern.


In the past weeks owners of this breed of dogs have been urged to turn them in at the SPCA as they continued to pose a threat in societies. Some of the owners who returned them were said to be failing to either control or cope with their aggression. The Pitbull Federation of South Africa has clarified that the owners of pitbulls who had handed over their dogs to SPCA  were doing so because they feared the unthinkable.


The federation said these animals were facing unjust retaliation. However, the Pitbull Federation's Lins Rautenbach said : "Passing these dogs along will never solve the problem of a potential mauling or a fatality. These dogs belong to people who have become afraid of them, dogs whose needs can no longer be met. They are not given love but trained to impose fear on others." NSPCA senior inspector Nazareth Appalsamy said the organisation was taking strain as pitbull owners had been surrendering their dogs at SPCAs across the country.He opposed the ban of the breed and believes owners can teach their dogs how to behave in society instead of dumping them at SPCA."What we do support is a call for stronger regulations, stronger laws for the owning of such animals. This is what we would like local government and national government to implement," he added.


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