November 17, 2022

MaMkhize delays release of her book

She teased the release of her memoir titled My World, MyRule, a tell-all on her upbringing, family, motherhood, and failed marriage. Businesswoman and Royal AM boss Shauwn 'MaMkhize' Mkhize has held back the release date of her book to focus on Royal AM's debut at the CAF Confederation Cup. They were among the 48 clubs partaking in the cup. However, Royal AM did not progress to the CAF Confederation Cup group stage after a loss of 1-0 to TP Mazembe. MaMkhize's memoir is meant to give  background on her wealth and family. "There have been many stories written and said about my life and wish to share the facts, so people can stop speculating. I would like for people to stop portraying me and my family in a negative narrative. This book is my way of sharing who I really am,' she says 


Together with African Perspectives Publishing, MaMkhize was set to release her book ghost-written by seasoned journalist and author Amanda Ngudle. The book is set to detail MaMkhize's privileged childhood, which was torn to shreds after the death of her father who was assassinated. According to a family member, the book was delayed due to printing issues and for MaMkhize to focus on football. "There are many contributing factors,' says a member of MaMkhize's family. "She was unhappy about the quality of the print. Ultimately, she trusted the publishing company to handle everything, but after the first print run was done, she did not like the quality and sent it back,' he says. "We all know MaMkhize likes expensive, quality things and that book was not what she had expected.'  MaMkhize is said to have asked the publishers to change the quality of the paper and, "She trusted the publishers to deliver but they did not and they have to reprint,' he adds. "Another thing, she wanted to focus on the CAF. The book was going to need her to host a launch and possibly do a book signing tour and promotions, which was going to take her attention away from the football. So rather take a break and focus on one thing at a time.'


African Perspectives Publishing says there has been a slight delay in launching the book, but it will "definitely happen.' "There are many contributing factors. A delay in launching a book is nothing unusual, it happens all the time. It is almost the same with music. We want to give readers the best of MaMkhize. With any book, we try to release a product that is perfect, and knowing MaMkhize's great taste and high standards, we need everything to be perfect,' the publisher says adding that they have not been able to give a final date for the release."But it will be worth the wait.'


"In my colliding memories, I sadly always recall that fateful night; the one that altered our lives forever. Was dad watching it all from above? Did he see his friend pleading with you and saying he would take us without you if you chose to stay behind? What about when you came running in your nightgown at the eleventh hour? You were a force yazi mah? It is not my wish to worry you about what should have happened, but I wish I had asked and told you about these things in the aftermath. I should have told you it was not until morning that sleep finally came. I spent the entire night tossing and turning, in total disbelief of what had befallen us. How like a thief in the night, we had been robbed of our lives."



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