December 14, 2022

‘It was scary. She is not okay' - Woman who accused actor of rape threatens to stab social worker

Actor Mangaliso Ngema with his cousin Queen Ngema who is at the centre of controversy

She accused her cousin of rape. Queen Ngema, the cousin of veteran actor Mangaliso Ngema opened a case of sexual assault in June this year after exposing the former Lithapo actor for allegedly raping her over two years. Mangaliso was arrested on charges of rape and was released on R5000 bail after appearing at the Randburg Magistrates Court.


 Queen Ngema (36) and Managaliso (51 )consider each other brother and sister as their fathers are siblings. When her father died in 2005, and her son in 2009 after a tragic car accident, she went to live with her brother who took care of her and helped her to recover. In a previous interview, Queen detailed how she was welcomed at her cousin's home but things changed in 2009 when the first alleged rape incident happened. She says this went on until 2010 and one time it happened when his children had been traveling. She accused the former actor of raping her multiple times while she was living under his roof.


 Queen has since been living in a safe house after opening a case of sexual assault. A close friend says they were helping her to get counselling and to heal from the trauma. "We got her into a safe house for abused women. She was getting the help she needed while staying safe,' she says. "We were supporting her as her friends in every way possible, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes financially. But she changed on us and became scary.' The friend says, Queen has become aggressive, and she's had to distance herself. "She started accusing the people who were trying to help her of all sorts of things. I am no psychologist but it's almost like she has lost her mind. 'In one counselling session, the friend says, she threatened to stab her and the social worker. "She lost it. She was not holding any sharp objects, but she lost it and threatened to stab me and the social worker,' she says, adding that, "It was hectic.It was scary! I was scared! We managed to calm her down. But she is not okay. I had to distance myself from her.' she says. Queen has since left the safe house. "I don't know where she is but I hope that she is safe. After losing her father and son, in 2012 Queen lost her mother. "Maybe the grief has gotten to her. I am now even starting to question whether everything she told me was the truth. But I don't want to judge her. I am just scared to be around her,' the friend says.The safe house where Queen was being housed refused to comment on the matter. A counsellor at the safe house, commenting anonymously tells Zimoja that Queen was indeed not in a good space. "Yes, the incident is true. She has had many temper tantrums. She was doing okay in the beginning, but I think she became overwhelmed with emotion. I cannot divulge anything on her mental health. But she was getting the help she needed.' Queen could not be reached for comment.


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