May 10, 2023

Furious KZN family wants their R600K from former radio presenter who scammed many

People have come forward demanding their money from the former Ukhozi presenter

A family from Jabavu in Nquthu in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal is gunning for disgraced former Ukhozi FM radio presenter Sbusiso Buthelezi after he failed to honour his promise to refund the family of an estimated amount of  R600 000 in January. Now the family have complained to a notorious group called Isikebhe, hoping they will help them get their hard earned cash back.


Gcinumuzi Msibi says he filed the complaint with Isikebhe because Buthelezi  has been making empty promises and has now stopped taking his calls. "We are a family of 11 people and we took all our money and invested it in his Abombuso Poultry Investment Group, hoping that we were going to be sorted for life. He failed us and now all we want is our money back. He is now dodging us," said Msibi. He further said, "We gave him all our hard earned money hoping that it will help better our lives forever. Buthelezi is a scam and he cannot be trusted. He scammed us and I have heard stories of how he robbed others." Msibi said that Isikebhe was his only hope. "Isikebhe will force him to pay us back and  never steal from people using his public figure status," he said.


Msibi said that the first meeting with Isikebhe took place on April 9 in Esigubudwini township where Buthelezi's family was informed that he was on the wanted list."He was not present but his family was there. His aunt, uncle and a local induna were present when they were informed that a case has been filed by us against Buthelezi. He called me that afternoon and threatened me saying that after he pays me my money, he will get me. I don't care about his threats," he said. Isikebhe Deputy President Zakhele Mncube confirmed to ZiMoja that the are looking for Buthelezi after he failed to appear before their committee on Sunday at Springs in Johannesburg where he was scheduled to come respond to the allegations levelled against him. "Since he failed to come to us , we are now left with no choice but to come up with a date and send our troops to go and pick him up," he said. Attempts to get Buthelezi's comment proved fruitless as his phone went straight to voicemail

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