November 06, 2022

Boohle's album listening session ends in a gunshot and car hijacking

Boohle's big day was ruined by a gunshot and hijacking

She and her team had planned the perfect evening for her listening session for her debut album Isilomo. But what was meant to be a day of celebration for Amapiano singer and songwriter Buhlebevangeli Hlengiwe Manyathi (23), fondly known among her fans as Boohle, ended in tears as one of the guests had his car hijacked outside of Sips Cigar Lounge in Melville, Johannesburg.


The neighbourhood is notorious for crimes such as car hijacking and robbery. Recently, Crime Statistics SA reported that 2897 crimes in total had been reported in the area in 2022. In 2020, a deadly shooting took place at Poppy's, a restaurant in Melville restaurants where two women dead and six other people were injured. Video footage by law enforcement was released capturing a black BMW SUV which drove past Poppy's restaurant and opened fire on the patrons.  Witnesses who attended Boohle's listening session say, "it all happened fast.' "It was very quick,' says Thabang May. "It was at the end of the night, Boohle had performed, and all proceedings were done. We were standing by the window when a gunshot went off and the car was gone followed by another car,' he says. "Everyone in the venue, ducked down to the floor because you could hear the gunshot was near. But I didn't see who fired it. Luckily nobody was hurt.'Another eyewitness says, the incident happened while he was near the door."Nobody was hurt, thank goodness. I didn't see everything except for the White Polo speeding off after it had been taken. The police responded immediately though.' Actor Khaya Dladla who attended the event says, it happened fast. "I don't really want to comment much on it. But a car was stolen, and I saw the commotion only after when I went outside. I don't think anyone was hurt because we carried on with the night.' Publicist and artist manager Purari Gotyana, who was also at the venue says, "It happened outside the venue, while they watch. It happened on the corner between restaurants. But I think the guest had come to Boohle's listening session. I was there, but luckily no one got hurt. That corner is jinxed. It is the same street where people were shot some years ago,' he adds.


Boohle's management say they are aware of the incident but refused to entertain any further questioning on the matter. The Owner of Sips Cigar Lounge Sifiso says he was not on duty on the night, but his manager made him aware of the incident that happened outside of the premises. "There are 21 restaurants and bars in Melville. The guest parked their car near the establishment. I cannot be sure whether he or she was a guest, and I do not know. The person could have also been club hoping and then ended up at Sips. I am not aware of the details,' he says. "The security at our venue is strong and we make sure no harm is caused to our patrons. The car highjacking happened outside the venue.Melville is a busy neighbourhood with nightclubs and guests need to consistently be vigilant. As the owners, we try our best to protect guests from being harmed because we want them to come back and have a great time.' Brixton Police confirmed that a hijacking had taken place outside the premises and that they cannot comment as the matter is still being investigated.



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