November 28, 2023

Pinkygirl makes a return to the limelight after losing her dad

Pinkygirl's YouTube channel will be relaunched in December
Picture: Supplied

She is the cousin to media darling Bonang Matheba. Having been featured on Queen B's reality show, Tebogo Mekgwe, fondly known as Pinkygirl is now set to relaunch her YouTube channel which she first announced in April 2023, where she lets fans into her life as a DJ, businesswoman and prominent figure.




Pinkygirl's YouTube channel will go live in December and will be officially launched on 10 December. Renowned for her vibrant personality and multifaceted career, Pinkygirl will have cameras follow her to events, business meetings, gigs and show her interacting with family and friends. Her team says Pinkygirl is taking time to reveal details on the channel. "She does not want to reveal too much as yet. But, it will be worth the wait," Sesi Mokoana says. "The channel will showcase exclusive content, behind the scenes into her life."




Pinkygirl has been laying low in the limelight and taking time to figure out which path she wants to take in the entertainment industry after her father passed away in 2022. In an interview on Kaya 959, Pinky Girl says she moved back home for six months after losing her job and her dad. "It is hard to move on after losing someone that was that close to your heart," Pinkygirl said. The media personality said she did this "because depression is a real thing."


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