March 14, 2024

Nonku Williams's ex spills the beans on their failed relationship

Former lovers Dumisani Ndlazi and Nonku Williams

The tough as nails Real Housewives of Durban cast member Nonku Williams seems to have met her match away from the reality show.

He ex Dumisani Ndlazi, popularly known as Rough Diamond, told ZiMoja he won't give up on cleaning his image. This after Nonku claimed that Dumisani stole money from her. Two weeks ago, Ndlazi's lawyers served Nonku with a letter of demand, demanding that she apologises to him publicly for 'defaming him'.


In an interview with ZiMoja, Ndlazi said he wants his ex to prove that he stole from her and that he will pay her double the amount. "Why is she not taking me to court or opening a criminal case if I stole from her,' he asked. Nonku has accused him of stealing construction material from her company worth more than R300 000. Opening up to ZiMoja, Ndlazi said when he fell head over heels with Nonku, he found her drowning in debt to a point she was not paying her workers their salaries. He also claims he didn't pay her suppliers in her construction business. "I had to pay the workers from my own pocket when I first met her. She did not have money. I am challenging her to release any form of proof that says I stole money from her," he added. He said Nonku wanted to rush into things, telling ZiMoja that she was consumed by content to a point that she wanted to rush into big and important things such as marriage just for reality TV. "She wanted to get married after she was promised her own show," he said. "I was in it for love, but it seems like she was more into content than the relationship,"


After a few weeks of dating, Ndlazi alleges that Nonku asked him to move in and he did. "But she started controlling me. I felt like I was the girlfriend and not the other way around. She wanted things done her way," he said. He accused Nonku of being excited about being a celebrity and has elements of being delusional. "She doesn't know the difference." Asked if there is a chance of reconciliation, Dumisani was quick to reply: "Never. That chapter is closed. I walked away for a reason. There is no real man who can stand her and her controlling ways. She is too much of a crowd pleaser," he said.



He also confirmed to ZiMoja that he is now married to his wife Charmaine and that he will be taking a second wife, something he says Nonku knew and approved. "I paid lobola R100 000 lobola for my beautiful wife Charmaine and I will be taking a second one soon,". When called for comment on the allegations against her by Ndlazi, Nonku who has since served her ex with a counter claim, refused to comment citing that she has nothing to say. "I don't have time for this,'

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