February 10, 2024

EFF promises jobs, higher social grants and no loadshedding as they launch manifesto

Julius Malema has thanked party supporters for filling the stadium

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) launched their election manifesto at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal today ahead of this year's general elections. Party supporters painted the stadium as they awaited their leader to deliver the manifesto. Like in the past manifestos, party leader Julius Malema made countless promises to applause from the supporters.


Addressing the launch, Malema summorised the party's 260-page manifesto themed "Our land, our jobs now. Stop loadshedding". Malema said their manifesto was not a manifesto of promises but that it was of commitments of everything they are to say. " We have no promises, we've got commitments because we're going to implement all what we're saying. This is a manifesto from the domestic workers, this is a manifesto from security guards- this is a manifesto from teachers, this is a manifesto from all those who are swimming in the pool of poverty.' he said.


Malema said over 40% of South Africans are unemployed meaning 15 million people are excluded from meaningful economic participation. He said this has been going on since before democracy despite modest economic growth recorded over the years. "The EFF government will ensure the creation of millions of decent jobs between 2024 and 2029," he said, adding that this will happen through building state owned security, cleaning, housing and road companies. The EFF leader explained that this will immediately create 1.2 million sustainable and quality jobs without departing from the existing government budget expenditure. Like many other opposition party leaders, Malema has promised to end loadshedding should his party lead the country. This is as Mzansi is plunged into stage 6 loadshedding indefinitely. In a short statement this morning, Eskom said the higher stage was introduced while the ailing power utility returned two generating units to service and two more had to be taken offline. According to the EFF manifesto, the party will ensure the security of electricity supply for the next 20 years. The party said they will invest in repairing the existing fleet of power generation and work to reduce the electricity demand of major electricity users. Malema also promised that his government will establish a state-owned mining company to manage coal mines owned by Eskom, ensuring a quality coal supply at affordable prices. Malema also promised free education and to increase social grants by 50%.


Concluding his speech Malema thanked party supporters in KZN for filling up the stadium. He said he was happy that the KZN comrades have filled up the Moses Mabhida Stadium on their own. "This shows that the EFF is not a regional organisation like many people have said. I am happy to be part of this history and for many generations to see that the EFF went to break new grounds and made it," he said.

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