June 27, 2024

DA wants more than six ministerial positions

DA leader John Steenhuisen and Cyril Ramaphosa busy negotiating the GNU deal

In the latest development within the ongoing Government of National Unity (GNU) negotiations, DA leader John Steenhuisen has officially confirmed that President Cyril Ramaphosa has extended an offer of six ministerial positions to their party.


Steenhuisen said this in a letter that has since been leaked to the media, in which he acknowledges and accepts the offer made by Ramaphosa but requests two more ministerial posts for the DA. "As agreed, I have taken this offer back to my party for deliberation and discussion and wish to share the feedback. In terms of the quantum of portfolios, there remains concern within our structures that the DA is sacrificing from our proportional allocation more than the ANC." On a purely proportional basis, out of a Cabinet of 30, the DA's share of support within the GNU translates to nine positions rather than the six that are currently on the table. Similarly, we cannot see the rationale for reducing the number of DA deputy ministries to only four. Logic would dictate that this quantum would be the same or close to the number of Cabinet portfolios," Steenhuisen said in the letter.




Steenhuisen expressed concern that his party is facing challenges in aligning with clause 16 of the GNU Statement of Intent by reducing their quantum. "It is neither reflective of the electoral outcomes nor the national interest. I would like to propose two additions to the six existing Cabinet portfolios, which we accept, another two portfolios be allocated to the DA out of the options of Sports, Arts and Culture, Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform, or Public Service and Administration (we would accept the need for public sector wage negotiations to be moved from this portfolio to the Minister of Finance). I am proposing these three options as alternatives to a Minister in the Presidency, Transport, and International Relations, as I accept your rationale for assigning these to the ANC. "Assigning two of these portfolios to the DA would take our quantum in Cabinet from six to eight, which would satisfy clause 16 by better reflecting the will of the people as expressed in the electoral outcome, while also taking into account the national interest. That the quantum of Deputy Ministers from the DA be similarly increased," he said. The ANC has not responded to the current developments concerning the GNU, as the DA requested more positions in the ministerial posts.


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