March 14, 2024

Reverend Meshoe puts a juju on Juju

Reverend Kenneth Meshoe says Julius Malema does not respect elders

Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, the leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), has caused commotion by saying Julius Malema, the EFF leader won't reach his age. He said this during The Penuel Show podcast, hosted by Penuel Mlotshwa. Meshoe, who turned 70 on January 18, said Malema doesn't respect elders and authority.


Malema celebrated his 43rd birthday on March 3. Meshoe, who was talking about his organisation's policies just ahead of the May 29 general elections, was critical of Malema's behaviour especially in Parliament. He said: "People without respect, don't last. Malema,I don't think he'll attain my age." he said on the podcast. Malema's organisation has been involved in physical fights in Parliament and provincial legislatures since they became the official opposition party in 2014.


Meshoe did not mince his words when he said to Penuel: "As ACDP, some people have said we're not militant enough. Some people said I must be like Julius Malema. I said never! Julius does not have respect for elders and authority. I have respect. I will never change what my parents taught me, in order to benefit personally. My parents taught me: 'Respect everybody, respect authority. It will go with you. Teach your children respect.'"

He then dropped a bombshell when he said people without respect won't live long, referring to Malema, he said doesn't think the EFF leader will reach his ripe and pension age of 70. Speaking to ZiMoja, Meshoe said he is not casting any curse nor judgement towardsMalema and that he was mainly repeating what the Bible says. "The Bible is very clear about the consequences of young people who do not respect and obey their parents. It says obey, respect show them honour so that you live longer. Nowadays there are more parents who are burying their kids than children burying their parents as many young people die quicker because of lack of respect, it doesn't matter whether you are a political leader or just a common person, as long you don't respect the elders, you are in trouble," he said.


On February 29, in his speech during MPs debate on Ramaphosa's SONA speech, Mosheo said: "It is important to note that it has been almost 10 years that Parliament has been subjected to disruptions by the EFF. And yes, continuous actions have been taken and today's action is the result of another misconduct that took place in the House." This was after the Parliamentary committee took action against the EFF for disturbing last year's State of the Nation address when they went on stage to disturb President Cyril Ramaphosa while he was speaking. Meshoe said: "A very strong message must be sent that no longer will disruptions be tolerated, and the best place to affect Members of Parliament is in their pocket."

EFF spokesperson Sinawo Thambo said Meshoe must focus on growing his organisation and not project his ageism and religious fundamentalism on the EFF leadership. "We are working towards an elections victory on the 29th of May 2024, his comments are meaningless to us," Thambo said.

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