February 21, 2024

Big Zulu's baby mama loses small claims case against singer

Inga Hina (left) is laughing all the way to the bank

Singer and songwriter Inga Hina has won a case at the small claims court against Big Zulu's baby mama and talent manager, Bulelwa "Bulie" Nazo.




The Emalini singer took Bulie to court demanding she pay her R20 000 for music PR work that she promised to do but failed to deliver. According to a source, Bulie promised to secure the singer sponsorship for a music video, music plugging and public relations but failed. "Oh, she is used to doing this," says an insider. "She messed with the wrong person this time. Inga dragged her all the way to court and she won."




The last time Inga shot a music video was in 2019, which cost her R30 000. "So, she knew that what she was offering would take a huge weight off her shoulders and it would help stretch her budget," the source adds. "Bulie misrepresented herself as someone who is well connected in the music and media industry and as someone who has more influence than she actually does. In July of 2023, Inga was formally introduced to Bulie and the company she works for. They had a meeting at their offices in Bryanston, where she told her about an upcoming song release and what she'd like to achieve with it," the source adds. "Inga was simply shopping around for people and she was sold on her pitch and the fact that the company she works for has a decent track record. At that point, she had gone to the meeting to discuss her options with Bulie as a representative of Stamp Communications, a marketing agency and radio plugging company, which she also laid a separate claim against. Inga disclosed her overall budget (R40 000) and she mentioned that it's enough to cover radio plugging and radio PR, extra PR (the company would focus on radio PR mainly) and a music video." The source concludes that nothing agreed upon was done. "Inga was unhappy so she asked for her refund and Bulie failed to pay her. She dragged her to small claims court and won." 




In a few days, Bulie needs to pay back the full R20 000 or her assets will be attached.She might lose her valuable items worth the money. Inga has posted her victory on social media saying she is glad she took the matter further. "So glad I fought," she said. "Now that the court ruled that she lied and committed fraud, no more defamation threats please." Speaking to ZiMoja, Inga says. "Bulelwa Nazo has not done any PR work in her personal capacity. She also now claims that the music video sponsorship is exclusive to artists she manages. She just made up so many stories. She continued to lie, and justice took its course, unfortunately. I fought for everyone she has scammed in the past. This will be the last time she tries her luck with anyone." Bulie could not be reached for comment on the matter.  




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