July 02, 2023

Zulu King’s wife alleged stripped off cars and bodyguards

King Misuzulu kaZwelithini and his first wife Queen Ntokozo Mayisela

It looks like the marriage between Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini and his first wife Queen Ntokozo Mayisela-Zulu has hit rock bottom. Queen Ntokozo reportedly moved out of the Khangelamankengane Royal Palace in KwaNongoma in KwaZulu Natal, shortly after the coronation of the King in October last year.


Queen Ntokozo is alleged to have moved out after they had a fight with the King over trust issues. Queen Mayisela got married to Misuzulu in 2021 in a traditional wedding that was held in her hometown of Newcastle in KZN. It is believed that Queen Ntokozo is allegedly fed up with the way Misuzulu treated her after there were reports that he had left her alone at the royal palace to go and stay in Umhlanga in Durban. 


Sources close to the situation told ZiMoja that Ntokozo’s situation with the King had soured to the point that she was even stripped of the bodyguards and cars. "Queen Mayisela decided to go back to her old life after she realised that she meant nothing to the King. The King went as far as stripping her off the bodyguards as she had her own bodyguards that looked after her and their child. Recently I met her in Umhlanga with the king’s child and there were no bodyguards and they were just like other normal people. This is the first time that the wife of a king can walk in public with their young child without bodyguards. It’s sad that things had to end like that between them," the source said. The source further revealed to ZiMoja that Queen Ntokozo was recently stripped of the royal cars too.


The source added that now that the marriage seems over. the Queen decided to move back and stay with her friend in a flat in Durban. "She used to stay there before she moved to the royal house," the source said. Queen Ntokozo and Misuzulu got married in 2021. The couple who were dating for years before getting married share two children. A spokesperson for the Zulu Royal family, Prince Afrika Zulu, dismissed the allegations. "What you are calling me for is gossip, you are compromising me. You are abusing my generosity towards you. My job is to comment on serious matters of the royal family," he said before hanging up.

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