April 29, 2024

Zola 7 to make return on TV

Zola 7 gets a second chance at making TV

He was once a reality show host who many wrote to, asking for help to rebuild schools, build libraries and help in projects that benefit and improve communities. A few years ago, he lost everything, his show, a contract with a cellphone giant, and some of his belongings, such as his cars and fell ill. Bonginkosi 'Zola 7' is said to be making a larger than life come back.


The Mdlwembe singer is currently working on a talk show, which he already started shooting. "He has done really riveting interviews with big stars already," a source told ZiMoja, adding that, "I cannot reveal the details as he still needs to go and pitch to channels and clients." Zola feels he got a second chance at life after falling ill and was hospitalised for five weeks. "He has learned from past mistakes and this time; he wants to do things right. Everyone deserves a second chance. People loved what he did for communities. He did what government failed to do and he became the messiah and the voice of the people."


Zola told ZiMoja in an interview last year that when he fell ill, he was taking 200mg of pills twice a day. "I had epilepsy for a long time and I did not know about it until I was hospitalised." The singer said he was lucky to be alive and believed this is his chance to make a comeback. Many people who visited him during his time of need donated money and wished him good health. He has also been working on new music. " I have never stopped making music, it's my passion and it motivated me," he said. He can't reveal much on the coming show but said he has been working hard behind the scenes. "I've been working on big projects, making moves and when the time is right, all will be revealed. I don't want you rush anything and mess it up. I've learned to be patient and trust God to handle the process."

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