June 11, 2024

Zola 7 and Lance Stehr smoke peace pipe

Zola is back working at Muthaland (Ghetto Ruff)
Picture: Supplied

Years ago, musician Zola 7 publicly, accused Lance Stehr, a music executive, of ruining his career, destroying him and stealing money from him. Zola, real name Bonginkosi Dlamini, even went as far as naming his dog after Lance. He went on to say God reserved a special place in hell for Lance and that he would stick around to watch him burn.



Zola 7 went as far as rallying his fans to join him in boycotting Lance, the owner of Muthaland, previously Ghetto Ruff. For 16 years, the two were not on speaking terms. ZiMoja has since learned that they have mended their broken relationship and are working together again. According to an insider, the label is in the process of reviving Zola's career after the musician left the label disgruntled in 2008. A source close to Zola said eight months ago, he asked to mend the relationship. "Zola has learned that you have one life to live. He was very ill and after being in hospital and recovering, he went to speak to Lance to try and make things right." The insider said, "Yes, no one is saying Lance is innocent but Zola blamed him for his downfall and never credited him for his rise to fame. He realised this and luckily, they cared for each other and are back to working together again."




Zola who was only active on certain social media platforms has accumulated over a million followers on TikTok due to the mended relationship with Lance. The source said Zola will be releasing his single Ghetto Fabulous and his full album Bambatha for the first time on digital platforms for Youth Month on Friday. "Back then, it was only CDs and cassettes, Zola will be releasing the project for the first time in 20 years on digital platforms." The insider also revealed that Zola will be working on a talk show interviewing South African A-list stars, politicians, business owners, and other prominent movers and shakers. "It's a big comeback for Zola." Both Zola 7 and Lance refused to comment on the matter.

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