August 03, 2023

X-repo warns public of scam

Xolani ’X’ Maphanga has warned against scammers using his name

Xolani Maphanga, known as X from Moja LOVE show X-repo, has warned the public of a scam claiming the show demands payment before they can be helped. The show airs on Moja Love and helps people who have been wronged on a personal level, whether the dispute is between friends, ex-lovers, family members, and businesses.


X helps anyone to get their belongings back as long as they have proof that they are the rightful owner but at no cost. X took to his social media pages to warn others after a woman recently complained that she and her brother were scammed by people who pretended to be a part of the show. "Right!! People of South Africa All of our services are for free, you don’t have to pay a cent to get help from X-repo. So please don’t fall for these scammers who want to make a quick buck out of you," he said.


A victim of the scammers Noxolo Zulu told ZiMoja that she was scammed of R6 500 while trying to help her brother. "My brother was scammed by his boss and a man who owns a mine. They told him they wanted to hire one of his machines. However, to be afforded that opportunity he needed to pay a bribe of R95 000 but after that, they were giving him the runaround," Zulu explained that upon realising that the mine deal was a scam they decided to seek help from X-repo, but unfortunately, they fell for another scam. "I googled the X-repo number and made the call myself because my brother is always busy on site. When I made that call they confirmed that I didn’t have to pay for anything and I was relieved," said Zulu. Zulu said that suddenly she was told that she needed to pay for a letter of demand and was quoted for other things," she added.


"This person that I had been talking to said they have a lawyer who could quickly assist me in getting a letter of demand and any other document that will be needed. But I questioned the fee because I know the documents are free in court. So I was told that because I was busy and won’t be able to frequent court chambers, their in-house lawyer could assist. Eventually, I gave in," she said, adding that one other thing that was suspicious is the fact that she was told that she had to pay for transport and that she ended up paying R6 500 for the documents. She said that what scared her was how the "X repo team" insisted that they want to meet her in person even though she told them they would meet with her brothers. "That’s when I became suspicious because why would they insist on meeting with me. I suspect that they wanted to kidnap me and then demand ransom from my brothers," Zulu said she could not open a case with the police as the scammers are in Joburg and she is based in Richmond in the Northern Cape.

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