November 04, 2023

Why Moja LOVE parted ways with Xolani Khumalo

Xolani Khumalo

Following wide media speculation about Moja LOVE terminating its relationship with Sizok'thola presenter Xolani Khumalo, the channel has disclosed further information to clarify the circumstances that led to its pronouncement. This comes after Khumalo responded to the channel's earlier statement through his Xolani Khumalo Foundation claiming he was never informed of the decision to terminate his contract.


Moja Love stated that the reason that led to the termination of Khumalo's contract was that he failed to answer questions posed by the channel after it raised concerns and questioned him about his knowledge and involvement in unlawful conduct that led to contamination of the crime scenes, failed prosecution of the known drug lords and unfortunate tragedies that followed the filming of certain episodes. The channel further demanded the identities of the beneficiaries of his foundation which he launched off at the back of the Sizok'thola success despite the blatant conflict of interest it created between him and the show. Channel spokesperson Nonzwakazi Cekete said: "It became clear that the channel's relationship with Mr. Khumalo had broken down when he could not provide the channel with satisfactory answers to its questions and when further information which the channel is not at liberty to disclose at this stage came to light,".


In a statement through his foundation, Khumalo claimed that the channel released the statement to the media without any prior consultation with him. " Xolani Khumalo and the Foundation were under the impression that negotiations were ongoing with both the company and the channel. Regrettably, Xolani Khumalo has been unable to establish contact with the company's representative for any comment or further discussion," the statement said. The channel disputed claims made by Khumalo that he was never formally informed of the decision to terminate his working relationship with Moja Love. "He was duly informed by the channel's management but failed to respond. We cannot turn a blind eye to reports of injuries and death during filming of any of our shows and we eagerly await the outcome of the legal case that is currently in court," Cekete added.


The channel further said that the show has not been cancelled but has been paused so that Moja Love can strengthen its procedures and authority to avoid any further unfortunate incidents or loss of lives. "MOJA LOVE remains steadfast in wanting to create content like Sizok'thola in order to rid our society of drug dealers roaming the streets and killing the future of our country. The channel is in the process of signing a memorandum of agreement with the South African Police Service (SAPS) following our meeting. This is to ensure that the drug lords and dealers are removed from the streets and go behind bars and everything is done side by side with law enforcement," Cekete added. Khumalo is currently facing a murder charge where a drug dealer died during the filming of one of the episodes in July. He handed himself over to the police in September and had already appeared twice before the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court. He will be back in court on November 21st.

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