July 04, 2023

Intruder can’t seem to leave Mamkhize’s ex Sbu Mpisane alone

Intruders have allegedly taken over Sbu Mpisane’s home
Photo: Instagram

Former Durban metro cop and businessman, Sbu Mpisane is leaving in fear. This is after one of the suspects he caught illegally occupying his house last year was found inside his triple-story mansion again over the weekend. The suspect Ntokozo Mabaso, who is out on warning for housebreaking was again caught drinking beer at the Mpisane mansion in La Lucia, north of Durban.


When Mabaso was caught last year, Mpisane discovered him and his two accomplices’ clothes, and weapons and they even cooked the food inside the house. When he caught them on December 26 last year, Mpisane who is the estranged husband of socialite and media personality, Shauwn Mkhize shot at them. This is the same house that was used by Shwaun during the making of the reality show, KwaMam’ Mkhize Season 1, which was aired on Showmax in 2020. Mamkhize and Mpisane used to stay in the same house together. Since the celebrity couple has been separated, and currently going through a divorce, Mpisane lives in the southern part of the house, while Shauwn stays on the opposite end. At the time, he said that when he tried to get inside the house, he found the three men who he believes were Izinkabi (contract killers), having occupied his house, and ran back to his car to pick up his rifle and shotgun. He randomly shot at them with his rifle, while he says they shot back. One of the bullets hit Mabaso in the leg and he was later arrested while the other intruders fled. Mabaso was released on warning after appearing in court a few weeks later.


This was the first of several intrusions to follow until this past Saturday when Mabaso ran out of his luck, having decked beers in the living room when Mpisane pounced on him, once again. According to a source close to Mpisane, last weekend’s intrusion was the fifth since late last year. The source added that the intruder was at the house a fortnight ago, and Mpisane caught him but he managed to get away. "Mabaso thought Mpisane had gone to attend the Durban July event, and decided to come back and sleep over again on Friday. Sbu surprised him on Saturday morning while he was enjoying his beers in the living room. He made a citizen’s arrest and delivered this Mabaso guy to the police. "He chose not to assault him since he wants to know the truth, on who has sent him to attack him," says the source. "In one incident, Mpisane found one of the intruders hiding under his bed. The men, who we believe are hitmen, were found drinking alcohol in the house" says the source. In another incident, Mpisane found Mabaso sleeping in his bed. "He was treating that bedroom and the entire house as his. When Mpisane arrive, he took him by surprise and ran away, leaving his cigarettes, court papers, and liquor on the floor," the source added.


When called for a comment, Mpisane said that he has nothing to say. " I have nothing to say perhaps call the police and NPA they are handling the matter," he said. KwaZulu Natal police spokesperson Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo confirmed a housebreaking case was being investigated by the police but refused to comment further. "The police have investigated a case of housebreaking, the case is, therefore, sub judice, for further inquiries kindly contact the National Prosecuting Authority," Ngcobo said. NPA’s director of Media Relations Isaac Dhludhlu Director said they will not be commenting on the matter at least until the next court appearance of the accused.

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