June 11, 2024

Tough times for former Yizo Yizo star as gigs dry up

Innocent Masuku says he is clean and hopes to get acting gigs

Since the days of Yizo Yizo and Zone 14, actor Innocent Masuku, who is better known as Bobo, hasn't been able to secure acting roles and this has affected his mental health. He said all he wanted is a break to do what he loves.


Speaking to ZiMoja, the actor detailed how being deprived of work opportunities had impacted not only him, but his family. "I want to be honest and say that being unemployed had hit me hard and my family as well. It has affected my mental health too, I've dealt with depression because of this," he said. He added that not being able provide for himself and his family made this worse for him." More than just wanting to get back into acting, I just want to be able to provide for my myself and family"


Masuku said the journey has been lonely and hard as he's had little to no support. "Nobody has been there for me." He concedes that one of the things that have derailed his career is his drug addiction, for which he went to rehab. "Let's also be honest about my use of drugs, I'd say that is probably one of the things that has held my career back, but I sought help and I'm now able function. I fought the addiction by going to rehab otherwise they would have killed me," said the actor. He added he is now clean and able to work. "I've even registered with an agent just to prove how serious I am about getting my career back." He hopes that one day someone will give him a chance to again do what he loves again.


In order for him to resuscitate his career, he needs to attend auditions, even that is not easy for him. "Obviously in my industry we attend auditions to get work, but I haven't been lucky even with the ones that I have attended. They are simply hard to come by and maybe I'm not what they are looking for anymore and I understand that the industry has changed, but I haven't lost my acting gift. I can still act," said Masuku.

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