April 01, 2024

The Gcaba family says the R800K paid to the AKA suspect was for business purposes and not a hit

The Gcaba family says police have not contacted Mfundo to hear his side of the story
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Monumental taxi business-owning family, The Gcabas have released a statement following prosecutors linking one of the brothers, Sydney Mfundo Gcaba to the killing of rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes and Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane.




The two friends were shot on 10 February 2023, outside a Durban restaurant on Florida Road. After investigations, the state linked one of the infamous Gcaba brothers, Mfundo Mfundo, who is a director of seven companies involved in agriculture, logistics, mining and the taxi business to paying the suspects in the murder of AKA and Tibz. State prosecutor Advocate Elvis Gcweka, said during court proceedings that one of the suspects who is the alleged mastermind in the murder, Muziwethemba Harvey Gwabeni, received more than R800 000 a day after the murder from Gcaba's company, Bright Circle, and the money was split between the suspects thereafter.




The Gcaba family has since released a statement following the court proceedings last week distancing themselves from the crime. "Since the name of our brother Mfundo Gcaba was recently mentioned in court in the murder trial of Mr Tebello Montsoane and the late South African music icon, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA, there has been much speculation in the public domain about the reason for one payment that was mentioned by the prosecution," the statement reads. "We acknowledge the gravity of the situation at hand and the widespread interest it has garnered. We wish to express our unwavering faith in the South African judiciary and affirm our commitment to cooperating fully with all arms of the state in the pursuit of justice." the statement read, adding: "In light of recent developments and the allegations directed towards our brother, Mfundo, we wish to clarify the following: Mfundo is an adult and is a successful businessman involved in various sectors, including coal mining and the taxi industry. It is important to note that financial transactions between him and Mr Gwabeni were purely for business purposes. These numerous transactions over a long period of time can be verified through bank records and were neither unique nor isolated."



The family, according to reports, says they are concerned that the authorities have not yet approached Mfundo to share his side of the story. "We believe in the principle of fairness and the right to be heard, and we urge that this opportunity be extended to him at the earliest convenience," the statement continues. "It is crucial to understand that Mfundo has assured the family that he has no connections to any illegal activities, nor does he have any motive to engage in such. His business dealings are legitimate and transparent, having nothing to hide from anyone, least of all our law enforcement." They concluded by passing their condolences to the deceased families. A few years ago, Mfundo, a father of eight with three wives, was reported to be among 11 men who were charged with the murder of 15 people after a shooting that happened at Brook Street taxi rank. However, they were acquitted in 2017 because of lack of evidence. 


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