May 15, 2024

Thandiswa Mazwai and Simphiwe Dana 'squash their beef'

Thandiswa Mazwai and Simphiwe Dana to make music

For more than a decade, singers Thandiswa Mazwai and Simphiwe Dana have often been compared and pitted against each other. They have had their public spats and fallouts, about "lord knows what." But the singers have kissed and made up and are considering making music together.


In 2018, during The Roast of Somizi ,Thandiswa's sister Ntsiki Mazwai was on the panel and took blows from other celebrities calling her "dirty and rude.' Thandiswa came to her sister's defence. One person who felt Ntsiki had it coming was Simphiwe. "Your sister is a vile person,' she told Thandiswa. Ntsiki retaliated and went on to allude that Simphiwe slept her way to the top. "Your journey is not much different from mine, you just wanted fame so badly you were willing to prostitute yourself, unlike me,' Ntsiki said, adding that, "You can't have an opinion on other women's careers when you have slept your way to yours. Sleeping with married industry d*cks and ANC d*cks is not a fully-baked career. I am baking my career but not with my legs wide open. I don't wanna use your methods of success.' 

Since then, the relationship has been rocky and Simphiwe threatened legal action for irreparable reputational damage to her brand. 


According to a close acquaintance of the two, there has always been some type of competition between Simphiwe and Thandiswa. Another source added the root of the conflict could have started ten years ago when Simphiwe and Thandiswa stopped talking to each other over a record label executive, who had been working with both of them.



Thandiswa was the first to extend an olive branch when she complimented Simphiwe on a sold-out show, a few years later. "There is something to be said about the fact that in the past 10 days, three women in the music here at home did sold-out shows about healing, love and the trouble with South Africa now. Big up sisters Msaki and Simphiwe Dana.'

After Thandiswa launched her album Sankofa at a packed Big Arena, in Carnival City, over the weekend, Simphiwe has been singing her praises. "Ok, sis! You did the things,' she told Thandiswa. "The day Thandiswa and I sing a song neh? Ndinivile mna (I have heard your pleas). Kuhle wethu. You will lose your mind.' Fans have also since begged for the pair to reunite and make music together, or at least one song and they are considering it as Thandiswa agreed to making a song with her.


In a thread of tweets, Simphiwe implied she and Thandiswa were the only artists of their calibre left in the industry. "We are the only ones left Thandiswa Mazwai.' She briefly mentioned Zoe Modiga and recalled the teachings of the late Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa. "Zoe Modiga has also created a stellar album. We are blessed,' Simphiwe added. 

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