February 11, 2024

Still no answers for AKA's murder but dad believes it was a carefully planned assassination

Tributes come in for the late rapper and friend

On 10 February 2023 around 10 pm, rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes, and his friend Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane were gunned down outside of a restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. It has been a year since the two passed and no arrests have been made. However, AKA's father, Tony Forbes believes his son's death was not a coincidence and was thoughtfully planned and executed by someone well-connected and in a position of power.




Tony believes his son was assassinated but says he cannot reveal the details of what he believes might have happened on the night and the progress of the investigation. "It was not random. It took time, resources, planning and he was targeted," Tony tells ZiMoja. "I believe this was done by people with money and power. They made sure it happened by having two shooters." he said. The last report from the SAPS stated that they had already started with more than 6 TB of data. KwaZulu Natal Police Commissioner, Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi said, they downloaded more than 25 cell phones, and analysing every communication and data in those phones. They interviewed everyone close to the rapper and identified one firearm that was used in the murders. They also believed that several vehicles were used in the murder.




Tributes have come pouring in for the rapper on his first death anniversary from friends, fans and followers. "Dear Kiernan, I hope u are doing well and at peace wherever you are. I hope to find peace as well someday as it's been a year and I still cry whenever I see your videos on my Insta or hear any of your songs, especially from Mass Country coz we never had a chance to enjoy it with you," said a fan. Nkosi Shebi said, "The man who raised the South African flag higher wherever he performed. Long Live Supa Mega Live Long." DJ Fanatic said, "We will never stop seeking justice." Outspoken music executive, Nota said, "Lest we forget… We saw the whole setup. We know who helped them pull it off. We just want justice, nothing less!" His girlfriend, Nadia Nakai said, "It's been a year, feels like yesterday. I wish you never left. I miss you so much! You just talking, and you laugh even more. You were full of life! This is unfair. Please visit me in my dreams more. Love you forever, live long."

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