June 12, 2024

Department of Education doubts the authenticity of Skomota topic in exam

The department of Education have received backlash over Skomota exam topic

After receiving backlash following the emergence of a question paper with a topic on dancer Skomota, the Department of Education said the document could have easily been manipulated. Yesterday, a question paper emerged with Skomota used as a case study.


The arts question paper under dance in the Life Orientation subject showed two photos of the controversial socialite, real name Thabang Sefala, where learners had to answer three questions about the dancer and get 10 marks if they answer correctly. Skomota has been on almost all social media platforms, either drinking booze, touching women or dancing what is known as "Skomota Dance". Skomota, who is neither a professional dancer nor a performing artist, flew to the UK a fortnight ago with dancer Limpopo Boy to dance at his gigs. In the paper, question 2, clearly states to the learners: Study the picture below and answer the questions that follow. 


National Department of Basic Education spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga told ZiMoja that he had also been made aware of the question paper that features the controversial Skomota. Mhlanga said: "DBE would not know if this were real or not because schools set their own exams for learners under grade 12. There are no national exams but internal exams which means a school could do something like this for their own purposes." Mhlanga also believes that the question that appeared on social media, could have easily been manipulated. He said," It could easily be a manipulated document." However, he promised to take the matter up with the other education departments in the nine provinces. "I will, however, check with my colleagues from the provinces if they know anything about it," added Mhlanga.

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