September 13, 2023

Sechaba Pali's wife dies in car crash

The accident happened after attending an event in Welkom
Pictures: Supplied

Gospel singer Sechaba Pali, who was once dubbed the bad boy of gospel has lost his wife in a car accident. A day before the car accident, Sechaba tells ZiMoja that he did not want to attend the event in Welkom but his wife and singer, Nompilo Kunene Shabangu, insisted. "It was my son's birthday. I wanted to spend time with my son and daughter, but Nompilo insisted we go because she felt we hardly get to spend time alone without the kids. I told her that something was off, but she begged me that we go."


The two drove to Welkom and arrived when the event was almost done. They stayed over for the night at a hotel. Before heading out to Joburg, they wanted to run a few errands. Before heading out of Welkom, Sechaba got into the passenger seat and Nompilo took over as the driver of the BMW. "While driving, I think she wanted to overtake the taxi, but unyathele kakhulu (she accelerated) and the car drifted and threw her outside. She was bleeding through her nose and mouth. When I got out of the car, I had a small limp and hurt my arm, but I was okay," he says. "The sad part is that no one came to help. People just started taking videos and pictures. The ambulance came and took her to the hospital. I asked that they check her first as she looked like she was not okay." Sechaba says that morning there were signs that something bad would happen. "In the morning, we went to get our clothes in the boot of the car. The boot refused to open when we were collecting our clothes," he says. "Our toiletries and everything were there but the boot wouldn't open. This has never happened before. Three, I saw the tyre had swelled up like it had been hit by something, but I ignored it."




Sechaba says Bongani Regional Hospital where his wife died gives him painful flashbacks as this is where his father and sister also died. "I hate that hospital with all my existence. Being there brings such painful memories," he says. "I am still here in Welkom with no assistance. Even the people who invited us to the event have not called or tried to help. I need to transport my wife back home and explain to my kids how I left with their mother and now I am returning home alone. I need to have a dignified memorial and burial for her. She was also an amazing singer and incredible artist. I am in pain right now and ask for prayers. 



In January, Sechaba opened up about dealing with depression and his struggles in the music industry. He wept, saying he owed his previous label. "I think I need to see a psychologist or something, because, even now, I don’t know what I’m doing. It was a calling; how did it end up being something that destroys me?" he asked. "It would be much better if I was a tsotsi [thief] in the streets and become whatever I want to become. They killed me, they destroyed me. But one thing I know is that God has a plan and I know I will be fine because when I read the Bible there were people God gave dreams to but they were thrown in ditches," he said.

Sechaba Pali and late wife Nompilo Kunene Shabangu


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