February 25, 2024

Reality TV star embroiled in fight over family house

Priscilla Masanabo was kicked out of her family home

Reality TV star Priscilla Masanabo is involved in real life drama with her uncle over a family house in Vosloorus on the East Rand. She has been kicked out of the house which she says she renovated and made it livable.


The Moja LOVE's Gug'Othandayo star told ZiMoja that the fight that saw her left homeless was over an extension cord. "My uncle wanted to use an extension chord in my bedroom and instead of asking for my assistance, he decided to push the cupboard which had a Budda statue and my obsidian pixiu bracelet which was hidden by a photo frame. When he tried to switch on the electricity plug, my silver platter that is housing my bracelet fell to the ground. I quickly jumped because I could hear that something of value was breaking." Priscilla said. She continued: "After the heartbreaking incident, I was calm. I told him not to touch my bracelet and that's when all hell broke loose,". Priscilla said her uncle, who she believes has anger issues, continued with his expletives non-stop. "He said demeaning words to me and my older uncle joined in the fray. Instead of calming the storm, he took his side as always and I had no one to turn to. It breaks my heart because we all greaw up together and loved each other, but things are different now," said Priscilla.


Priscilla says the family house was neglected for years and she decided to renovate and move in after her divorce. "I stayed alone in the house after the renovations and when the family saw that I had renovated and made it a home, they all wanted to come back. Worse they used to call it igogogo (a tin house) and all of a sudden, he wants to stay in the house because I made it livable. My uncle even brought his twin sons here to stay with us, it's a mess," she said. She added that staying at the house has become a nightmare as the uncle also remind her a surname. "I am constantly abused. When I buy food, he switches off the fridge and they end up spoiling. I have tried to be civil with him, however, he is always thinking of ways to destroy me. He had done many things to me and my sister that I can't even discuss,". Priscilla is currently staying with fellow cast member Ninkie Moabelo. When called for a comment, the uncle Sipho Masanabo swore at the journalist. "Leave me alone, this is not her house vele,' he said.

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