January 09, 2024

DJ accuses reality TV star's husband of owing him money

DJ Wobbly says he is owed money by the event organiser

Last year, there were several media reports on how businessman and club owner Kgolo 'Da Guru' Mthembu failed to pay his staff members at one of his nightclub establishments. He is the husband of Real Housewives of Durban star, Annie Mthembu, and the two have made many headlines for their marriage. A Durban deejay by the name of Wobbly, real name Andile Mahlinza, has accused Kgolo of owing him money after booking him several times at his establishments.


Breaking his silence, Wobbly said he had tried his best to be understanding. "Ngoba soMvelase sobabili. I have pulled up for you, getting loans from my friends just to get to your establishments and work, getting loans to survive from August and now I'm back home staying with my mom again as a 32-year-old father," he said. "It hurts me to do this, but I've tried and tried to get answers about my payments for Rich and Views, till today I haven't received any communication from you because no one else has answers."


Wobbly says he has known Kgolo for almost ten years. "10 years working together and no decency to call me? This has messed up my emotional and mental state, clearly, I don't mean jack to you for you to not pay me in so long. I don't sleep at night and I'm tired of this. Tell your management to call me with answers and how I will be sorted out. Maybe this is the only way I can get you to understand how much pain this situation has caused me and my family. I can't start this year feeling worthless."


Wobbly says there are other people that he would like to name for non-payment. "I have struggled the whole year, and I couldn't do anything for my daughter because I'm pushing loyalty," he said. I have reached a point where I don't give a s*$t if I get blacklisted (don't get booked) again for speaking the truth."

Since August Wobbly says he has been playing at these establishments and has not gotten paid. "And what frustrates me the most is that no one is saying s%*t to me. Couldn't do anything for my daughter, got evicted from my apartment, couldn't invest in my career. I have pulled up for you and you haven't had the decency to call me. Ngicela yonke imali yam sihlukane! (Give me all my money and let's part ways) You have used me and we all use each other. Me, being a bigger person has led to you misusing me. I'm someone's father I have to provide for my daughter. Kgolo refused to comment on the matter.

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