July 10, 2024

Production company loses show following non-payment of cast and crew

Clive Morris facing financial challenges
Picture: Supplied

They are one of the longest-standing production companies in South Africa, formed in 1988. Clive Morris Productions has produced award-winning shows, including Grassroots, Ashes To Ashes, Broken Vows, Isono and The South African Music Awards. However, Clive Morris Productions is said to have suffered great financial strain, which has led them to default on paying actors, service providers and crew. Following the recent default on paying the crew and cast of the Showmax telenovela Empini, the company is said to have lost the show.




In April this year, staff members revealed that there were three productions in total where staff had not been paid by the company. "It's two shows on Mzansi Magic and one on BET. It doesn't make sense that two channels can miss payments," a source told ZiMoja. The insider said executive producer Khayelihle Dominique Gumede and Clive Morris visited the set of Queendom to explain. "We last got paid before Easter and we are relying on the weekly salaries for our families," he added. According to the source, the company managed to catch up on payments but defaulted again this month, leading them to lose Empini




The insider said: "They have lost the production. It will be taken over by another production. This is after long meetings and actors complaining.' The insider told ZiMoja that the company collaborates with channels to foot parts of the bill, and channels pays their cut. "Everyone did their part except for the production. They were hoping to get money but did not manage to do it on time,' he said.

"We love Clive and he has done incredibly well and supported us through the years, but one needs to be realistic when facing financial challenges. Many companies are retrenching because of our current economic state, we understand but he needs to be realistic and downgrade,' the source said. The source added: "At this rate, the company might have to close down if they do not downscale.' In the past, Dominique said, "The truth is that it's a very tough market. We dealt with those and what was reported at the time. In this instance, we are dealing with the issue as soon as possible. Multichoice is in very good standing, they paid us. Empini specifically had nothing to do with the broadcaster. Payment delays are being sorted.' Clive's phone went unanswered and Multichoice boss, Nomsa Piliso, said they would respond in due course.

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