June 16, 2024

Police called in to evict Zahara's sisters

Zahara must be turning in her grave

The late Afro-pop sensation Zahara must be turning in her grave. A day after Zimoja reported that the two sisters, Bandezwa and Lumka Mkutukana, had a garage sale to sell her memorabilia and expensive furniture on Friday, it has emerged that the duo had a fight with the new owners of her house.


The owner of the new house arrived and found that his house was a hive of activity with the garage sale ongoing and the sisters hadn?t packed their stuff, ready to move out. The new owner then tried to talk sense to them to stop it with the sale but the two sisters continued selling, instead of packing and leaving

A source said there was fracas at the complex when the two Mkutukana sisters didn?t want to leave the house and police were called in.

"Those two women are already known to love money more than anything. They are greedy. They think the house still belongs to their sister," the source said.

It is alleged that new owner had given them until yesterday to pack their wares and leave. Instead, they asked for more days. 

"When the new owner arrived there, he brought people who were going to clean the garden, but to his disappointment, he met the rude women who just caused drama," said a source.


It?s alleged that the women demanded more time but the owner would not hear it. "The two women were not ready to leave the house because most of the things they were selling were not sold yet.  They didn?t want to go back to the Eastern Cape without selling all the items. All they are interested in is making money. They don?t care about the legacy of Zahara," said the eye-witness.

Items that were on sale included Zahara's bedroom suite, her lounge suite, kitchen supplies, flat screen TV and her different music awards. 

Called for comment, the sisters said, "We told you to leave us alone," before hanging up.

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