April 08, 2024

Penny Ntuli makes new colleagues at Jozi FM uneasy

Jozi FM is accused of giving Penny Ntuli special treatment

It seems like the arrival of the newest member of Jozi FM, Penny Ntu,li has rubbed some people the wrong way. ZiMoja has it on good authority that the former Gagasi FM presenter, popularly known as Mapeniza, is annoying her current colleagues with the special treatment she is getting.


Ntuli, who hails from Durban, left Gagasi FM at the end of March after her contract put her at a salary scale of R2 800. After rejecting the offer and made her proposed salary known on social media, she was scooped by Jozi FM. ZiMoja's highly placed sources said Ntuli is being treated like a princess at the Soweto-based radio station. According to the source, the CEO of the station, Mpho Mhlongo, is the one who drops her at the station. "He even waits for to finish her shows and drives her back to her temporary place," said the source. Another source said they don't mind her joining the station because she has brought in the hype around the station, however, the way some people have been treated in order to make her happy is not nice to some. "Ever since she joined the station, she has been flooded by many visitors, admirers, sympathisers and politicians like the IFP Youth Brigade. Even the award-winning gospel singer Tina Zungu are amongst people that have been visiting the station," added the source. 


The source said the danger of treating Ntuli like a princess is that some staff members will also want to be given preferential treatment like her. "She is taken to restaurants like Disoufeng and other eateries in the tourist attraction like Vilakazi Street to eat there. Yes, she's still new in Soweto and the entire Gauteng, but the management is starting something they won't stand for as time goes on," the source at the station said. Another source said what the management is doing is setting a bad precedent. "We will expect other new staff members to be taken to restaurants around Soweto too when they get hired. "But this may sound as if we are jealous, and personally," the source added. Penny could not be reached for a comment. Mhlongo confirmed that Ntuli is getting picked up from her home, but not by him, but the drivers. "She does get picked up by my drivers. Also, she does not know her ways around Soweto, so she gets picked up," he said without commenting further about the preferential treatment.

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