January 03, 2024

PICTURES: Zahara's sisters ransack her wardrobe

The late Zahara's sisters are said to have raided her wadrobe

It's barely been a month since the passing of singer and songwriter Bulelwa 'Zahara' Mkutukana yet, her sisters Bandezwa and Lumka have moved into her Lille Falls home and ransacked her wardrobes and belongings.


When the Loliwe singer was fighting for her life at the hospital, the sisters were accused of using Zahara's bank account and splurging at Small Street in the heart of Johannesburg. A close friend says the bank card has since been blocked to protect the 'shopaholic' sisters. "They wanted the pin, which none of us have. Then, after attempting a few times, the card got blocked," he says adding that, "Those two have been doing the unthinkable. Even when she was alive, Bulelwa would tell them they would never have her life. They have always been jealous of her success and wanted to reach her level, but they couldn't."


The insider tells ZiMoja they have entered Zahara's wardrobe and invaded her precious performance dresses. "Our culture says that after a person dies, we need to have a ceremony where the clothes are given out freely to family and friends," he says. "This has not been done. But they have already started wearing her clothes and parading around. Trust me, she is mad wherever she is." The friend says, "Babezwa wore a white dress that Zahara used in her last show before she died. It's truly heartbreaking. The lies they have been spreading lies about her fiance, Mpho, is beyond me." Called for comment about the matter, Zahara's sister, Bandezwa, said, "We were just trying them on. What is wrong with that? She is not here anymore."