June 10, 2024

It's over!

Lebo Kweswa and Letoya have parted ways
Picture: Supplied

Actress Letoya Makhene and Lebo Pulumo are officially over after a rocky four-year relationship.  



Lebo confirmed the separation to ZiMoja saying their love affair was toxic and riddled with alleged abuse. "I can sadly confirm that Letoya and I have separated and practically divorced and our separation is beyond irreconcilable differences,' she said. "For the sake of both our mental health and our children's wellbeing, I had to take the unpopular decision of dissolving our marriage.'




The two got married through a traditional wedding in 2021. Lebo tells ZiMoja that they have been on and off for some time but decided to make it official and move on. "I was hurt when I read about our split from the newspapers, I had not healed at the time, so reading about it broke my heart,' Lebo said adding that, she has healed and is ready to close that chapter of her life. "I tried to hide it and protect everyone because there are children involved but I want to move on, and not talk about this again.'




There had been previous reports of abuse between the two. Lebo added that both families are aware of the separation. "Both families were notified accordingly and both families are in agreement and support of our decision to end the marriage,' she said. A close friend of the two revealed that Letoya allegedly cheated on Lebo several times with men and women and was caught. "The relationship was also very physically abusive and there was a lot of manipulation. The entire thing is very grim, and Lebo has pictures and videos to prove it. But she spent a long-time protecting Letoya.' The friend said there was a lot of alleged physical abuse. "Contrary to what the reports said about Lebo being the alleged abuser, Letoya is the one who was very physical.' Lebo goes on to say that she is in a better place. Letoya did not Wish to comment.




A few years ago, Letoya opened up about being in a physically abusive relationship with her ex-husband Privilege Mangezi. She said the marriage was rosy until she started noticing red flags. She said they began with arguments then things escalated to being physically abusive until their families and police had to intervene. She said the abuse went on for a good few years because she was scared of him.

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