May 18, 2023

Nomcebo denies claims that she has made peace with Open Mic

Nomcebo Zikode has refuted claims that she has made peace with Open Mic Productions.

Last week, Open Mic Production claimed to have kissed and made up with singer and songwriter Nomcebo Zikode after a number of their artists accused them of exploitation. But the Xola Moyawami singer has come out to refute the claims. Nomcebo left her former record label Open Mic on a sour note when she also accused them of owing her thousands of Rands, if not millions, for her contribution to the song Jerusalema with Master KG. The matter was taken to court and Open Mic removed the song from Spotify.



Amid all the chaos, where Open Mic is being accused by several artists of exploitation and ill-treatment, the record label said last week that they had made peace with the singer and that they will be recording a project due for release after June this year. Lionel Jamela of Open Mic confirmed the news. "Yes, it is true, but we are still in talks and cannot reveal anything further." Nomcebo has since come forward to say that she has noted the reports with great concern and what Open Mic revealed was false. In a statement to ZiMoja today, Nomcebo’s management said she would like to," categorically denounce these false and injurious reports and publicly set the record straight on the current status of the matter. The truth of the matter is that a court order was obtained in late 2022 which ordered Open Mic and Nomcebo to enter into a joint venture agreement and settle the outstanding issues between the two parties." The statement further reads, "These outstanding issues were first made public when Nomcebo announced that she had not been paid any of her due royalties from the record-breaking global hit single,Jerusalema, or her project, Xola Moya Wam. This remains the case to date."


Despite the court order that was obtained, and Open Mic’s commitment to remedying the matter, the label has reportedly failed to come to the party per the stipulated timelines. "Nomcebo is eagerly awaiting the finalisation of this matter so that she can continue with her recording plans and put out new music to further her career as a recording artist," explains her manager, Sibo Mhlungu, CEO of IMG Africa. The statement further reads, "We are unhappy with Open Mic’s delay, as we had jointly undertaken to adhere to clearly stipulated timelines on submission of all required information, which remains outstanding, thus prolonging the matter. Should this not be resolved in the coming weeks, we are certain that we’ll be going back to court." The singer says she will no longer give further statements on the matter.


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