October 19, 2023

"Never in a million years"

Tebogo Thobejane has a protection order against former friend Inno Morolong
Pictures: Supplied

Reality TV star and club hostess turned businesswoman Inno Morolong is named as a suspect by actress and club hostess Tebogo Thobejane as one of the people who possibly want her dead. This comes after the car Tebogo was in was sprayed with bullets after a night out with a friend.




The incident happened while Tebogo and a friend were being taken home by their driver from Saints Champagne Lounge in Sandton, Johannesburg, at around 11 PM. Three men pulled up and shot at their car. Tebogo told ZiMoja that they had a great evening and didn't expect it to end in blood. "Three men pulled up in what looked like a florist vehicle and there was a white Audi following us," she said. "They shot at us, and the bullet scrapped me on my back. It missed and hit my friend, who is currently in hospital." Tebogo said she believed it was a hit. Tebogo said she was traumatised. Tebogo has since fled South Africa in fear for her life.




Called for comment, Inno cannot comment on the matter due to a protection order that was taken out against her by Tebogo. Instead, she hung up the phone at the mention of the Club X owner. A close friend to Inno, however, told ZiMoja that the now Cape Town-based influencer, "is too busy to be taking out hits." The friend said, "Inno is currently preparing for Afro Piano Fest, one of the biggest music festivals. When would she have gotten the time to get inkabi? Aowa lona! She is opening a Tammy Taylor store in Cape Town, she is the brand ambassador of Saints Lounge, Cape Town. She is also a mom; booked and busy. Why would she want to kill Tebogo?" The friend agreed that they might not get along but not to the extent of wanting Tebogo dead. "This is not America wena. She needs to really look into her other business deals and enemies. Never in a million years." Another close friend of Inno said, "Tebogo is probably staging this, looking for publicity for her club since she is opening it again. But who would want to shoot the poor girl?" the friend asked. "The club industry is very competitive, as well, she needs to look into that also. She must just leave Inno out of this, shame." 




Tebogo got a protection order against Inno Morolong and opened a case of defamation after she went on a social media rant claiming that Tebogo is a scammer, sex worker, pimp and uses muthi. Tebogo said she left because the clubbing scene had become hostile and the "beef and hate towards her was unbearable." She said, "I hated it here. I just wanted to live in a place where there is peace and I can make my money without intimidation and threats." Tebogo recently returned to reopen her entertainment lounge Club X and said, "I don't know, maybe it's jealousy or the fact that I have come home to reopen the club, but I am not scared. My ancestors would never fail me."



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