April 15, 2024

Musician, bodybuilder and dancer gets a breast reduction

Delta The Leo's surgery was successful
Picture: Supplied

Musician, bodybuilder, and dancer, Delta Choshi, fondly known as Delta The Leo, is recovering after undergoing a successful breast reduction less than a week ago.




She tells ZiMoja that she is bedridden and focusing on her recovery after leaving the hospital. "The operation was smooth," she says. "I felt no pain when I got out of theatre and even now with drainpipes in my boobs, I'm not feeling intense pain and it might be due to the medicines prescribed." The procedure cost her R68 000, including consultation but excluding medication. "The surgery took two hours. I spent the night at the private hospital for observation and I was discharged the next day. Week one you have to empty the fluid from the drainage kit, which are pipes in your boobs connected to Surgiva, which you need to measure how much fluids you empty out daily," she adds. Delta has not yet seen her boobs. " I will be able to at the first check-up when they check the dressing and the healing process since surgery."




The dancer started her career at a young age and worked with various artists such as Gino Brown, the Deceptikonz, and HHP, to name a few. She has choreographed and danced for the likes of Black Coffee, Thembi Seete and Heavy K. With all the experience, Delta shared how she needed to do the procedure for her career. "I love my boobs but with where my career is headed, they are in the way and I needed this weight to go, so I can achieve my dreams. As much as I'm in pain looking at my chest I'm giggling and smiling," she says. "I wish anyone who has boobs bothering them can get the courage to get help and get the body they wish for. I'm a dancer and a fitness coach, having boobs bigger than a C-cup and keep fluctuating disturbs me because as we know boobs have weight as an athletic person." Adding that she is preparing for a major event. "I'm embarking on doing my fourth world championship and my first body-building championship. It felt right to pursue a goal I had been dreaming off for a long time. My mindset and approach to a lot of things is different."




Delta gave a special thank you to the doctors and nurses who made her relax before and after surgery and most importantly, her partner. "They had me laughing and giggling like this was but a major deal I've been waiting for my whole life. My partner for being calm and being with me every step of the way," she said. "People in my DM saying they have been wanting to do a boob reduction but do not know how to go about it. Yes, it's not a cheap procedure but you can save up for it especially if it's something you really want. I will be sharing my journey on YouTube to help those who are still battling to find a home in their bodies."

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