December 21, 2023

Murder accused Bafana Mahungela will spend Christmas behind bars

Bafana Mahungelwa will spend Christmas behind bars

Bafana Mahungela, the 21-year-old Varsity College student accused of murdering Sandton teacher Kirsten Kluyts will spend Christmas in jail after his bail bid hearing was postponed to next week Friday.


After the defence presented its closing arguments, the state asked for a postponement stating that they needed to clear some things with the deceased's family. "I know today is your last day and this was mentioned to the state and defence, but the state will request that the matter proceed and be finalised next Friday. The state would be doing an injustice to the family of the victim, as well as to the applicant. As the state, we need to clear certain issues that have been raised." However, the defence did not take kindly to this decision and objected to it as it was put before the court that the bail bid would be finalised yesterday. The defence accused the state of abusing its power claiming that they were deliberately punishing his client.


It was confirmed in court that Kluyts was 14 weeks pregnant when she was murdered. It's reported that the 34-year-old teacher conceived through In-vitro fertilisation. The lawyer appointed by Kluyts's family, Abrie an der Merwe, did not want to comment more on the matter. "The family is bracing for a painful Christmas because of their double loss of their daughter and their unborn grandchild," Van der Merwe said. Mahungela was placed at the murder scene by CCTV footage as evidence which allegedly reveals that he had jumped a locked gate to get away. The Delta Park High School teacher was allegedly attacked by Mahungela during a MyRun event in October. She was discovered on a path at George Lea Park (Sandton Sports Club) in Parkmore. He faces charges of pre-meditated murder, rape and aggravated robbery. 

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