May 29, 2023

Mrs. Mops throws a R250 000 kiddies party on her new reality TV gig!

Mrs. Mops shows the life of opulence as a rich mom
Pictures: Instagram

She left season two of The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg with a sour taste in her mouth after she was verbally attacked at the reunion by Brinette Seopela, who called her a cheater. It was alleged that the reality star, Mpumi Mpophatlane, fondly known as Mrs Mops, had cheated on her husband and IT mogul Lenamile Isaac Mophatlane. She denied the accusations and called it all "malicious and spiteful." After leaving the show for good, she bagged some acting gigs here and there. Mrs. Mops has now returned to the world of reality TV in the new show The Mommy Club, which premieres on 27 June 2023.



Mrs. Mops joins the cast; Her majesty, Ms. Manche, Nunurai and Ratile Mabitsela. All the ladies have 13 nannies who play a big role in helping these five "It moms" rule their castles as the fabulous moms spare no expense. In the City of Gold, there are levels to everything. Being a mom is no different for Mrs. Mops and her five glamorous Jozi mom influencers as they navigate the challenges of parenting and the cutthroat world of "It moms." 



Mrs. Mops recently threw an R250 000 first birthday party for her one-year-old child. The housewife had secretly had a baby after season two of #RHOJ. At the party, other mommies meet each other for the first time. "My nanny is everything to me and my kids," says Mrs Mops. "She is very loyal, loves children, and takes care of them like her own. She is a great person and a second mother to my children." Her nanny, Manche Thema aims to please. "My job is to look after the kids and it has been amazing. They are very polite and they listen to instructions. Even though they are privileged, they are humane," she says. "Looking after them and seeing them grow brings me so much joy. I am fortunate to work with such a good family because I know other nannies and their situations are not as pleasant as mine …"


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