June 12, 2024

Moshe Ndiki opens his own medical clinic

Moshe Ndiki and Vatiswa Ncambaca opened their clinic on 1 June
Picture: Supplied

He first launched his own food truck business called Moshe's Kitchen. Then spices range while balancing his acting and TV presenting gigs. Now actor, influencer and dad of twins, Moshe Ndiki, has opened his own medical clinic in Vosloorus, East of Johannesburg.




According to Moshe, this is a passion project and money is not a priority. "It's something very close to my heart because my late aunt whom I was very close to and came from Vosloorus had a school for those living with disabilities," he said. "As much as I am from the Eastern Cape, I would visit them often and be in Katlehong and Vosloorus, which made it my second home," he added. His clinic is called Ethembeni Primary Health Care and he currently has five staff members running it. "It has been doing well, we are not planning any big launches. I just want to see how things will move. But it's really just for the community."



Moshe said people need not worry about him administering any medication or playing 'fake doctor.' "This is not some Doctor Matthew stunt," he joked. "I am behind the scenes and there are trained medical practitioners on site, who are qualified and know what they are doing." Moshe wishes everyone can have good affordable medical health care. "It's not everyone that has a medical aid or who can afford private medical assistance. I wanted this to be affordable and to the everyday person and for them to receive good health care without breaking the bank."




The comedic actor and TV presenter opened the doors to the medical clinic on 1 June 2024 where he owns 50% of the clinic along with his business partner. "The other shareholder, Vatiswa Ncambaca, already has her own clinic operating. I met her last year through a friend and I told her I was interested in running my own clinic and we partnered up," he said. Moshe raised 50% of capital from his own pocket. "I think if you truly believe in something and you are able, you make a couple of sacrifices. It's been a long time coming. I have been working on this for a year, so there has been a lot of thought and planning that went behind it."

He is still looking to partner with medical companies to get financial assistance. "I am not making any money from the clinic but we are all about helping people. So, we welcome assistance from those who can come in, invest and partner with us," he concluded.

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