June 17, 2023

Moozlie and Sbuda Roc breakup after he allegedly cheated with TxC group member

A close friend says Moozlie is focusing on her brand
Pictures: Instagram

They were the picture-perfect couple. Matching outfits, attending every event together, and had the same business interests. Rapper and creative strategist Nomuzi "Moozle" Mabena and Sbusiso ‘Sbuda Roc’ Motloung dated for eight. The inseparable duo has since broken up.



Last year, the two celebrated their eighth anniversary. Moozlie took to her Instagram to pen a heartfelt letter to the then-love of her life. "Have you ever noticed how similar we are? Happy Anniversary Boo, I Love You," wrote Moozlie. Sbuda Roc also took to his Instagram timeline and wished Moozlie a happy anniversary.



But the two have since gone their separate ways. According to a close friend in their circle, Moozlie wants nothing to do with the artist manager after he cheated. "She was hurt. She moved out of their place and she now stays with her sister," the friend says. "She turned 30 last year and needed to evaluate why she would stay with a cheater." The friend add that he cheated with a girl in the music industry. "He cheated with one of the girls from DJ duo TxC and I think they are still together."

TxC group members Tarryn Reid and Clairise Hefke


According to the friend, Moozlie accepted the break-up and she is at peace. "She had to be realistic about everything. She had been with the guy for years, almost ten years. They were not married. She was waiting for marriage, before deciding on having kids and that wasn’t happening. Then he went and cheated with someone in the industry. That girl knows they are dating. That is foul!" the friend says. Sbu and Moozlie were not only dating but also working together. "They have been working together, he was managing her. I don’t blame her for leaving." The friend says Moozlie has moved on with a "businessman from Centurion," He says, "Good for her. I am happy. I hope she finds love again."



Both Sbu and Moozlie have removed each other’s pictures on social media discretely. "There was no need for the noise. She is a lady. I just hope she finds love again because she is loyal." Last year, the source says Moozlie drowned herself in work to dodge the heartbreak. "She bagged the deal with Drip Footwear as a creative strategist. She did work with Zinhle at Era and she was just busy minding her business. That’s how you get over the heartbreak." In an interview on Massiv Metro, Moozlie confirmed the separation and that she has moved on but did not go into detail.


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