March 01, 2024

Missing Joslin Smith's father blames her disappearance on her mother's drug addiction

Joslin Smith has been missing for ten days

The search continues for Grade 1 learner Joslin Smith (6) from Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape. Her biological father believes her disappearance is linked to a drug debt. Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie has offered a R100,000 reward, while War Against Parental Alienation group has put up a R10,000 reward for information that leads to Joslin being found.


Joslin's father, Jose Emke, wants police to arrest the mother Kelly and her boyfriend Jacquin Appollis who admitted that the missing girl was left in his care before disappearing. Emke said he was very angry when he learned that his daughter was missing, he claims that the mother Kelly didn't even call to tell him about his daughter being missing. "I don't believe the stories Kelly and her boyfriend are telling the police. I believe that they got themselves into drug debts because they use substances. So, the people that sell drugs might have taken my child. Those two must just get arrested and tell the police the truth about my child's disappearance.


Kelly admitted to using drugs, crystal meth to be specific which she referred to as "Tik". "I did use Tik but at this moment I'm clean. To tell you the truth, I've been clean for a week only." Kelly had previously said she tried to get hold of her boyfriend from the time she got back from work around 5pm (19 Feb), the day Joslin went missing. Kelly said when she found her boyfriend and asked him where the child was, he couldn't account. However, her boyfriend disputed that he left the house and claims he never went anywhere. "When the mother came back from work around 5pm she asked me where she was and from 6pm when Joshlin had not returned we started getting really worried and searched for her, but we couldn't find her then we called the police," he said. He added that he last saw her around 2pm when Joslin said she was going to play with her friends. "I'm really honest," he said Apollis.

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