June 20, 2024

Mihlali and Leeroy said to be back together

Leeroy and Mihlali reunite
Picture: Supplied

Social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, and her businessman lover, Leeroy Sidambe, are said to be back together after they ended things last year due to allegedly being broke. infidelity and fights.


When the couple separated, Mihlali exposed how she had been paying for her trips with Leeroy. This is after a video of Leeroy and his friends in Dubai surrounded by women circulated on social media. The video also showed Leeroy kissing one of the women. "Don't post in Dubai like your bosses when you owe me money. Talking about catching flights and not feelings, who was coughing up money in Mexico when your card was declining? Lol. Don't try me," Mihlali said. "It's been chai, my angels. I left that person in October. Ndine peace (I have peace)."


It was later revealed that Mihlali and Leeroy's break-up was due to alleged multiple physical altercations, one of which left Mihlali with a sprained ankle. A close friend of both confirmed to ZiMoja that they are indeed back together. "It was bound to happen," he said. "But they want to do better. They have been back together for some time but have been keeping it a secret." The friend added they patched things up a few weeks ago when they bumped into each other at a mutual friend's gathering. "They were just talking at first, but now they are fully back. Mihlali wants to keep it very private." In May, Leeroy denied they had gotten back together.


Social media influencer, Mihlali, is said to have snatched Leeroy from his estranged wife Mary Jane Sidambe. They started dating before his divorce from Mary Jane was finalised. In an interview on Showmax's Unfollowed, she said dating a man who is still married is not her concern. "Oh! no, darling. It's not my place to wait. I'm not the one who is married," she said. "It is he who decided that he wants to find a partner and date someone," Mihlali said that she was not in a relationship for money. "I've got my own money! Are you mad? There are a lot of men with money in the world. But do they respect women?" Leeroy had been facing some financial trouble in his business and failed to pay his staff members at Black Industrials Africa Group. Mihlali's management team said they don't comment on her personal life. "She will also not respond to her personal life." Leeroy said, "I'd like to pass on the comment."

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