November 28, 2023

Backlash against Metro FM for hosting fake doctor

Mathew Lani and radio host Faith Mangope
Photo:Metro FM

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That is what one of the social media users called Metro FM after they advertised that they would be interviewing the bogus Dr Matthew Lani. The interview was conducted during their prime show between 7 pm to 8 pm, with Metro FM talk host Faith Mangope. Lani is a popular TikTok influencer, though he does not have any credentials as a doctor as he claims.


An insider at Metro FM says producers planned the interview to gain numbers but instead, there was a backlash. The source adds that when they were bouncing the ideas they were warned about the possibility of rubbing fans the wrong way. "They were just pushing numbers and popularity not taking into consideration that people would be upset," adds the source. X (formerly Twitter) took a swipe at the station accusing them of promoting a fraud by giving Lani a platform, even after he was exposed as a bogus doctor. "I'm sorry but for me, Matthew Lani's interview on @METROFMSA was a new radio low. Metro FM Talk is a credible and trusted platform to discuss current affairs and societal issues affecting South Africans. Giving Lani a platform to, of course, again prove he is a fraud who is convinced he is a doctor is tabloid journalism and more seriously an exploitation of his apparent mental unwellness. It was low-hanging fruit to attract listeners, sure, but tasteless nonetheless. My two cents worth," said media specialist, Khanyi Magubane.


During the interview with Faith, Lani still insisted that he was a medical doctor. This is contrary to the statement he made last month during his arrest at the Helen Joseph hospital, where he confessed that he was not a medical doctor. Faith was grilling Lani about his credentials but he insisted that he was a qualified doctor from Wits, even though the institution denied him as a former student. Lani insisted that he worked at Helen Joseph for two years after he completed his studies. When asked why she was kicked out of Helen Joseph, he said: "I think there was a misunderstanding, the security guards did not know me,'


SABC spokesperson Sibusiso Gumbi said that it was not about gaining the numbers, "The station is currently investigating how the interview was approved and the reasons for that approval. We will communicate accordingly once we have all the requested information," Gumbi said. Lani was arrested last month after being apprehended by security guards at Joseph Hospital trying to impersonate a medical doctor to gain more followers on his social media. According to a health department spokesperson Motalatale Modiba Lani had previously entered the same facility to create misleading content under the pretence that he was a qualified doctor. He was released from holding cells after the National Prosecuting Authority refused to place his matter on the court roll. At the time, spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane said there were still a number of investigations that the police needed to conclude.

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