June 02, 2023

Makhadzi and Vhavenda Princess Masindi in a brawl over businessman

Singer Makhadzi, Vhavenda Princess Masindi Mphephu and businessman Lawrence Mulaudzi are said to be in a love triangle

Singer Makhadzi is said to have nearly spoilt VhaVenda kingship contender Princess Masindi Mphephu’s birthday party held at a plush lodge in Nandoni, Thohoyandou in Limpopo last weekend. It’s alleged that the Venda’s most powerful and well-known women nearly exchanged blows over businessman former Tshakuma Tsha Madzivhandela (TTM) owner, Lawrence Mulaudzi


Makhadzi was invited by Mulaudzi to perform but it turned out the Venda sensation and the princess have a lot in common, they also share the hunk. The two Venda women came face to face like professional boxers after Makhadzi was allegedly told by the princess and her friends to refrain from flirting with Mulaudzi. But there was nothing that could stop the happily-in-love singer who continued to flirt. A source who was at the event told ZiMoja that at some point during the event, Makhadzi and Mulaudzi, went to the different side of the venue to spend quality time together. "They excluded themselves from the rest of the crowd to go and bond and that did not sit well with the princess," adds the source. What started as a nice fun and celebratory ended in tears. According to the source, the princess was happy as she enjoys Makhadzi‘a music before she soon realised that her boyfriend was to-timing her. 


According to the source, after the two women had a confrontation and nearly exchanged blows but the princess’s entourage quickly separated them. "People had to come in between them because temperatures were rising, in order to avoid drama. Makhadzi and her dancers were asked to leave the venue before things could get uglier," adds the source. Makhadzi is said to have gracefully left the party. Another insider who was also a guest said it seems like Makhadzi had no clue that her man was also seeing the princess. "I think she only picked it up after the confrontation that her man is not only hers alone, there is no way someone can behave like that, especially at someone’s party," adds another observer. 


According to the princess’s spokesperson Vho Mashudu Muvhangona, they were made aware of the allegations. "The princess told us that these were just rumours," When asked about how is her relationship with Mulaudzi, Muvhangona said: "As elders, we have always maintained that we do not get involved in her personal relationships - all her personal issues remain her prerogative," he said, adding that they may only advise if and when they are invited." When asked if Makhadzi will ever set foot or perform for the royal family, Muvhangona said Makhadzi offered her services for free and that they owe her gratitude and would book her in the future. Makhadzi refused to comment on the matter while Mulaudzi could not be reached for comment.


In 2016, Princess Masindi obtained a court order that stopped the coronation ceremony which could have seen former president Jacob Zuma awarding her uncle Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana a recognition certificate as king of the VhaVenda. She believed she was the rightful heir and that she was being discriminated against because she was a woman. Her late father, Tshimangadzi Tshimangadzo Mphephu, led the VhaVenda from 1993 until his death in 1997. In 2004, the government established the Nhlapho Commission, which recommended her uncle Toni as the next king and he had been acting king since 2012 until the Supreme Court of Appeal stripped him of the Kingship in 2019. The royal family is still to decide if Masindi is the rightful heir to the Venda throne.

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