February 24, 2024

Londie London's ex Sphamandla Mabonga moves on

Londie London knows the new woman in Sphamandla Mabonga's life
Picture: Supplied

It's been hardly five months since their break-up and Londie London's ex-lover Sphamandla Mabonga has moved on to dating someone else.




Musician and former Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) cast member Londie and businessman, Sphamandla Mabonga started dating after Londie was humiliated by the father of her two children Hlubi Nkosi. Nkosi stripped her of the car he had bought for her to drive his children and the house he was renting for her and put her out in the street. "I bought her the car to transport our children not for going to the clubs and party in Sandton," Nkosi said at the time. Despite the break-up, he said he continues to support his children. "My kids will never go hungry, and she knows that. I take care of them. I have never missed a single month without supporting my kids."




After her break-up with Nkosi, she dated Mabonga who splurged on her, buying her a BMW "for going to buy bread in the mornings," she said and named this her "spoilt girlfriend" era. However, the couple separated after he was shot on his torse at Tempo nightclub in Sandton and a front desk lady was also injured during the shooting.




The ex-fiancée of new RHOD cast members, Ameigh Thompson, Sbahle Mpisane, and Londie has since moved on and dating another woman. A close friend of Londie confirmed the news to ZiMoja. "He was dating the woman while with Londie, and she found out," the friend says. "That is why Londie broke up with him. Everything else that has been said about the reason for the break-up was all lies. He cheated and she left him and that is why she was not bothered by the reports." The friend says Londie knows the new mystery woman. "She knows her and that is what made her mad because it's someone she knows. They are in the same circles." Mabonga hung up when he heard what the call was about.



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