February 12, 2024

Lebo Gugunguluza and Anele Zondo - A love story that ended in tears

Anele Zondo and Lebo Gunguluza

Most people thought businessman and charmer boy Lebo Gunguluza had found love again after his divorce from reality star ,Lebo Mokoena, it has emerged that his relationship is bubbly singer and social media influencer Anele Zondo is over.


The pair quickly took social media by storm serving couples goals and going on vacations together when they started dating. Their love story was like a fairy tale - beautiful girl meets handsome, wealthy man and they live happily ever after. However, their love story did not have a happy ending. According to ZiMoja sources, Lebo and Anele had been going strong for almost a year when they decided to call it quits.


The reason for their break-up according to sources, Lebo could no longer afford to impress his young lady. The source added that the couple tried to work through their issues but the damage was already done and in the end, they decided to go their separate ways,"said another source. The couple has since moved on and are now focusing on their individual pursuits. When called for comment, Zondo denied ever dating Lebo citing that he was close to her ex-boyfriend whom she can't reveal. "I know him and yes we were close but never dated," she said. When asked why they used to go on vacation and attended events together, she said, "Because he was close to my ex whose name I can't mention." Called for a comment, Lebo dropped the call as soon as the journalist introduced himself.

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