March 31, 2024

Late gospel star Lundi Tyamara's son living with adoptive parents

It's been nine years since gospel star, Lundi Tyamara, passed away, in 2015 at Edenvale Hospital, after a protracted battle with stomach cancer. While many people, including fans of the late superstar may not be privy to the fact that he had a son, sources have not only revealed that, but they have also revealed that he now has a new family.



According to sources, Ramsay has been living with a new family that adopted him a couple of years ago and is doing well despite his biological father's absence. "He has been living in Hillbrow for a long time now and he seems very happy. In fact, he expressed to me that he's considering getting his code 14 licence," said the source. 


As it is expected for any boy child who grows up without his biological father to experience challenges, so has Ramsay according to another source. Said the source, "He's had a problems with substance abuse, but with the support of adoptive family, he's overcome that part of his life and now he's making strides to improve his life, something that his father would be proud of". 


When his father passed away, Ramsay was young, but he attended the funeral, which was held in Cape Town, where Lundi was born. "Kholeka was the one who made sure that he attended his father's funeral and then he came back to Joburg where he has been living all along with his adoptive family, that treats him like their own," revealed another source. Ramsay is said to be the splitting image of his father, from the body structure to the colour of his complexion. "They look alike, even at face glance, but because we are used to him, we don't look for that anymore. He speaks Isixhosa, Afrikaans and Swahili," the source concluded. Ramsay couldn't be reached for comment.

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