February 15, 2024

Knobkerries fly as parents assault teachers at KZN schools

KZN MEC for Basic Education Mbali Fraser has condemned the incidents

The Department of Education in KwaZulu Natal is disturbed by two incidents where teachers were beaten by parents in front of learners in two different incidents.


This is after a video clip of a teacher being assaulted with knobkerries emerged on Monday. It's alleged that the teacher is from Zwelibomvu Primary School outside Pinetown. In the video, five men can be seen attacking the teacher with knobkerries and sticks. It is still unclear what led to brutal attack of the teacher in front of learners. In another incident that happened on Tuesday also in KZN, a teacher was slapped by an angry parent in front of the learners after they had an argument. The incident happened at the Marrianridge Primary School, outside Pinetown. Both matters have since been reported to the police as the department is seeking justice for their employees.


KZN Department of Education spokesperson Muzi Mahlambi said that the incidents were very unfortunate and they want the SAPS to play their role and arrest the perpetrators. "We have contacted the district to send us a full report on the two incidents as they have been reported to us. It is disturbing that parents can just enter the school premises and do as they please to our workers. There are channels in place to report teachers when they have erred but not to take up arms and beat them up. The people carrying knobkerries had planned the attack and we cannot blame it on the security because they were going to overpower him," Mhlambi said. He added that the law must send a strong message to other parents that attacking teachers and beating them up is a no-go area. "The parents or community members implicated in both attacks must be brought to book and be jailed," said Mahlambi.

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