March 24, 2024

Is DJ Maphorisa taking credit for Kabza De Small's success?

Dj Maphorisa and Kabza de Small says they are not beefing

There's an alleged drama brewing between DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small. The duo also known as the Scorpion Kings, have together set the club scene in Mzansi ablaze with their countless hits. They have also become platinum-selling artists, filling various venues across the country.  


However, all the glitters are not gold, as the pair are apparently not even on speaking terms with each other. It is claimed that Maphorisa takes credit for Kabza's immense success, saying he's the one who made him. "The drama between the two was mainly caused by Maphorisa, who claims to have made Kabza the superstar that he is today, forgetting that Kabza worked very hard to build a name for himself, even during the time he still lived in Alex," one source insisted. 


According to sources, the beef between the two heavyweights is nothing new, as it has reared its ugly head before, but they managed to nip it in the bud quickly before prying eyes got wind of it. Another source asserted: "Last year, these two went on social to troll each other but people thought it was a publicity stunt, but it wasn't and now they are not even talking or doing gigs together". 


Another source claimed that the trouble started when Kabza felt no support from Maphorisa when he married last year to the love of his life Kamogelo Moropa. " As someone he was closed to, he expected some support from Maphorisa, but he felt he didn't get the kind of support he wanted from him. He felt some type of way about that, but didn't want to start drama by confronting him, so he kept quiet and even now he is keeping his distance from him," a third source said.


Kabza, in an Instagram live video, dismissed talks that he and Maphorisa are fighting. "You guys are crazy. What would I be fighting with Phori for? He is my friend. I don't know where you got this news. You guys want us to fight? asked the visibly annoyed Kabza. In his own live on Instagram, Maphorisa also dismissed the rumours: "You like asking me about Kabza as if I'm married to him. Kabza has a wife. Must I always be with Kabza? Why don't you go to his Instagram and ask him where he is?? Maphorisa said. He continued: " You guys like asking me about Kabza, does he not have a life that he must always be with me? Are we dating?? Both Maphorisa and Kabza could not be reached for comment.

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