June 10, 2024

Jozi FM DJ assault matter to go on trial

Jozi FM presenter Tshepo Junior Makgopa appeared in court today
Photo: Instagram

Jozi FM presenter Tshepo Junior Makgopa appeared briefly at the Protea Magistrate's Court in Soweto today for allegedly assaulting his wife's friend. The deejay who is charged with assault was accompanied by his wife who gave him constant hugs while they waited outside court for his matter to be called.


The magistrate nearly issued a warrant of arrest for Makgopa thinking that he wasn't present in court as he waited outside and didn't hear his name being called. The DJ allegedly assaulted his wife's friend, Rose Buthelezi, on January 27 following a fun night out that turned ugly and violent. At the time, the victim told a Sunday newspaper that the argument started when her boyfriend asked one of their friends for his money for an unpaid gig. "Tshepo interfered in the conversation and started swearing at my boyfriend. So, I stood up and asked him not to do that because we were in public and that we could get recognised," the victim said.

Tshepo Junior Makgopa (in black jacket) outside Protea Magistrates court accompanied by his wife and a friend.


Rose added that she realised that the situation could escalate so she decided to go and cool off and when she came back, people had packed up and were ready to leave. "We were using my car and on our way, his wife asked him why he interfered during a conversation between my boyfriend and the other friend because if he had not, we would still be having fun. He started swearing at his wife. When we got to his house, he opened the car door on the wife's side and started pulling her out and hitting her with fists. I got out of the car to try and stop him and speak to him. That is when he started hitting me. He punched me in the face and hit me everywhere. It felt like he was just hitting a dog," Rose told the publication. The matter was postponed to the 28th of June for a trial date.

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